How to Set Beautiful and Efficient Laundry Room

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Laundry rooms may be hardworking, but that doesn’t mean they have to be void of style. These eye-catching rooms prove that the home’s most common multi-functional space can be both beautiful and efficient.

Every family home needs a laundry room, but not all homes have enough space for one. But not all laundry rooms need a lot of space! A laundry just needs to be functional, well-equipped, and well-organized. Here are some incredible small laundry room ideas and designs that pack on efficiency without the need for so much space.

Laundry and Mudroom


Incorporating with the mudroom is one of the most popular small laundry room ideas and designs. It’s sensible and traffic smart especially if you need extra space to hang and dry clothes. This light green colour scheme is laundry room perfect – fresh, clean, airy.

Multi-Purpose Laundry Room Island


This multi-purpose laundry room island is a hard worker! It’s an ironing board, storage, and folding table in one. It is also wheeled for maximum room and space flexibility.

White and Organized


White expands the room and creates the illusion of space. This white and well-organised laundry is complete with a sink, folding station, ironing board, stacked washer and dryer, and lots of storage. And it only took half a wall of space.

Laundry Closet


You don’t need an entire room for your laundry. A closet is more than sufficient, accessible, and easy to hide. A well-sized closet anywhere in the house will do.

Vertical Sliding Organizer


Clutter makes any room messy, disorganised, and cramped. This vertical sliding organizer is space efficient. It can hide all your laundry stuff away from plain sight while keeping them within easy reach.

Laundry and Craft Room


Incorporating your laundry into the craft room is nothing short of ingenious! You will never be bored again waiting in-between loads. And your craft table can also double as the folding station.

Open Shelves Storage

Open shelves help avoid the cramped look. This adjustable open shelving idea provides room flexibility, while the cohesive colour coding keeps things neat and orderly.

Compact Off-the-Wall Laundry


A wall is all you need for your laundry. This compact off-the-wall laundry comes with full-sized washer and dryer, folding station, and ample storage.

Ironing Board Cabinet

One of the best small laundry ideas and designs is an ironing board you can fold up and hide when not in use. A wall cabinet that will also keep ironing essentials makes things organised and doesn’t take up much space.

A Space for Everything


A laundry doesn’t have to be large, it just need a dedicated space for everything. This off-the-wall modern laundry is equipped with all the essentials and the space for it. The natural wood texture and modern cabinetry makes the laundry elegant and appealing.

Laundry Closet with Sliding Doors


Sleek, clean, and modern. This all white laundry installation is also space efficient. The opaque sliding doors keeps the laundry hidden when not in use and the room neat. It also allows easy access to the entire laundry hub.

Kitchen Cupboard Laundry


Use the extra kitchen cupboards as your laundry. You can also double use your kitchen sink and countertops. With these innovative swing-out doors, who can tell your laundry is in the kitchen?

Behind the Door Shelves


You don’t need an extra room or cabinets for more storage. This compact laundry in a cabinet uses the back of the door for storage shelves.

Modern Minimalist Laundry


This modern minimalist laundry is small yet complete. Compact and efficiently designed.

Laundry in the Closet


Incorporating the laundry with the closet is fast becoming a favourite. Having the laundry inside your walk-in closet is practical and smart use of space. This small laundry idea and design is perfect for single dwellers.

Laundry and Powder Room


Laundry and powder rooms have a lot of similar installations – sink, faucets, water supply, drains, and countertops. Why not combine the two rooms and save a lot of space?

Compact Hallway Laundry


Even a small and compact laundry can be efficient and looks amazing too! The use of open shelves, compact dryer, and folding doors contributes to the practicality of the design. While the black washer smartly contrasts the all-white palette.


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